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Colt 38 special detective special for sale and auction buy a colt 38 special detective special online sell your colt 38 special detective special for. Colt instead took their inspiration for the new cobra from one of the earliest modern snub nosed revolvers — the detective special background when it was introduced in 1927, colt’s standard. Detective special for sale and auction buy a detective special online sell your detective special for free today on gunsamerica. This is a colt detective special chambered for the 38 special holding six rounds this firearm is in excellent condition it is a 3rd generation model being.

Putting a few rounds through my 1934 colt detective special in 38spl the silver piece on the grip is a tyler t-grip. From the collection of an arizona colt collector colt detective special square butt serial number 398804 with 2 barrel - nickel finish, factory engraved and inscribed with medallion mother. Join date: jun 2001 posts: 1,744 the colt detective special is the classic snub-nosed revolver, and is one of the best defense pistols ever made it's just big enough to offer a good.

The colt detective special started off life in 1908 as the colt police positive special in 1927, colt fitted the pps with a 2 barrel, named it the detective special and history was made. Reck cobra is a german single/double action 6-shot gas-firing and rubber-firing revolver, based on 3rd generation colt detective special the reck cobra and variants can be seen in the. I was gave a bianchi holster by a friend for a revolver i have never seen in person colt detective special 3 barrel appears they made them in 2. What's this colt detective special worth discussion in 'the ask the pros & what's it worth forum' started by hanwei, apr 17, 2008 apr 17, 2008 #1 also, can you indulge me and tell me.

Grips for vitually every colt handgun, including everything from the 1873 single action through today's modern double actions and semi autos saa, and new frontier single action. Colt derringers and pocket pistols top baby dragoon pocket colt single action revolvers top 1851 navy 1851 navy london 1851 navy (modern production) 1860 army 1861 navy colt walker. Colt detective special- what's it worth revolvers plus, he is in california which seems to add 25% to normal prices i just said on another thread that colt revolver prices have risen so.

The colt detective special was an american da/sa revolver first produced in 1927 as a shortened version of the police positive special handgun it was designed for ease of carry and. The colt detective special is a six-shot, carbon steel framed, 2 barreled, double-action revolver, and the first example of a class of firearms known to gun enthusiasts as snubnosed. This is a discussion on colt detective special within the pistols & revolvers forums, part of the pistol & revolver forum category i just acquired this super mint 2 nickel 1969 detective. Colt detective special it's a 3rd gen model in very nice condition i switched to a model 10-7 that was gathering dust as i didn't want to put any more holster wear on the old colt as it is.

  • Colt's manufacturing company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers.
  • The new diamondback was built on the colt d frame as used for the detective special, police positive special, etc it had a wide, long, grooved target hammer, target type walnut grips.
  • Any detective special is an out of production gun and commands good prices from the colt crowd the world is a parade of fools, and i'm at the front, twirling a baton 06-15-2013, 07:54 pm.

Colt filed for bankruptcy protection in 1992, and in 1995 the detective special was phased out to learn more about colt’s detective special, check out our latest nra gun of the week video. Colt 38 detective special this is a discussion on colt 38 detective special within the pistols & revolvers forums, part of the pistol & revolver forum category just picked up a nickeled. Join date: sep 2007 location: mechanicsville, va posts: 2 colt detective special just joined this forum i have a colt detective special that, i think, is a 3rd generation no matter i. Colt detective special 38 special caliber pistol 2nd issue snubnose made in 1965 excellent condition with 95% original finish colt post-war da revolvers sort by: this ad is not an.

Colt detective special dating
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